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lEX + San

spring ranch // mendocino, ca

Chelsey Paul Photography

"Seriously? Did that just happen? Was that really my wedding? I just experience a storybook soiree or at least something fit for Martha Stewart Weddings. And guess what? It was mine! All mine! (oh, and my dude’s, I guess.) And who is it I have to thank? My family? Sure, partly. My friends? Yeah, a little. Sonya Houston? Yes, yes! Wholeheartedly yes.

At the beginning of the wedding planning process you might think you don’t need a wedding planner. Rethink.

Saying I do to Sonya will be the most undoubtedly solid, beneficial, supportive relationship you’ll ever be in (sorry, soon-to-be husbands, but it’s true).


Right from the start, Sonya was energetic about every idea. She was like, “Oh yeah, we can do that, and here’s how…” A lot of your ideas she’s heard before, and she knows exactly how to execute them. If you do have a fresh never-before-seen idea, firstly, good for you, secondly, Sonya will have a solution within days… she or one of the dream team vendors she’s helped you put together. (Seriously, everyone we worked with was incredible, and I think we’d be hard pressed to find such talent even in San Francisco — Gene Parsons (formerly of The Byrds… WHAT?!), Mendocino Floral Design, Mendocino Beauty, and DJ Johanna Schultz)


Then… here comes the wedding day, all fat and wide. And guess what? You’ll be a guest at your own wedding. Sonya told me this from the start, but really, I didn’t believe her. I was all like, “Yeah, how are those pinatas going to get hung? And how is that pie wagon going to get rolled out?”


But one of my bridesmaids summed it up best: “I swear there are fairies up here. Things just magically get done.” True statement. And the magical fairy is Mizz Houston.


She was there for three days working her tail off, she stayed until the very last, not-so-easy-to-handle guest was gone (wait, was that me?), and several times during the party, my best lady came announced, “I love your wedding planner!” Amen, sister.

My two regrets: 1) I didn’t have Mendocino Weddings coordinate our rehearsal night (although Sonya totally helped with pointers and making sure we had it all under control). 2) I only get to have one wedding. I seriously don’t want to lose touch with this driven, smart, and enthusiastic lady. So let’s put polygamy on the ballot already." 


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